Monday, November 22, 2010

Poetry by a Writing the Heartache Online Workshop Student

Resting Place

She’s been laid to rest
Some visit and some don’t
For many it’s just too hard I guess
Everyday her daddy brings fresh flowers
Caring for this space
He wonders why . . . Oh God, with all your powers?
Her Resting Place
In the granite stone
Is her name and pretty face
There we bring pictures, trinkets and some of her favorite things
Just trying to make her feel not so alone
Reminding her how much we love her and how much her loss still stings
As the rose petals wilt
They are sprinkled upon her
Like a deep red quilt
Momma is too far away
To see her everyday
But Momma never stops thinking
Of her little girl in every way
Momma is reminded this not a test
Their little girl has been laid to rest

~ By K. O.

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