Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Join us for Writing the Psalms!

Brand New! Writing the Psalms

I'm happy to announce a new online writing workshop called, Writing the Psalms. The first three weeks of this course starts Monday, March 14th.
Sign up at my website.

What the course is about:
Digging into the psalms provides an excellent way to be stirred by language, emotion, imagery, and God's faithfulness and wonder. By using the templates of the psalms from the Bible, you will create your own custom-tailored psalm of praise and psalm of woe. Discover how composing a psalm can energize your writing, and your life.

How it works:
The course will be offered throughout the year and will always start on a Monday and end three weeks later on a Friday. Alice will send your lesson to you via a Microsoft Word file. Read the lesson and work on your assignment, sending the completed assignment back to Alice at the end of the week. Alice will offer suggestions and critique on your work.

Course Outline:
Week One: We'll take a look at the various types of psalms, their backgrounds and their authors. Selecting a few, we'll focus on language, imagery, and meaning.

Week Two: Using a template, we'll create our own psalm.

Week Three: In our own style, we'll create a psalm of woe and one of praise.

This course is open to everyone. I hope you'll join us today.

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