Friday, July 15, 2011

Reunion Heart Necklace

My friend, Dianne, has designed a lovely necklace called the Reunion Heart.
Dianne and I were part of the same writing group when she came up with the idea---her dream---to have these necklaces available for those who had a loved one die.

Here's a poem she wrote that explains the meaning behind her necklace:

Since Heaven has become your home
I sometimes feel I'm so alone;
and though we now are far apart
you hold a big piece of my heart.

I never knew how much I'd grieve
when it was time for you to leave,
or just how much my heart would ache
from that one fragment you would take.

God let this tiny hole remain
reminding me we'll meet again,
and one day all the pain will cease
when He restores this missing piece

He'll turn to joy my every tear
and when I wear this necklace near
it will become my simple way
to treasure our Reunion Day.

Please read more about this necklace and see other items at the online store here.