Friday, August 19, 2011

Missing You: From Brian to his son Jason

Here is a poem from one of my Writing the Heartache online students. Thanks, Brian Asci, for your willingness to let me post your work here in memory of your son Jason.

Missing You

Future plans of time together
Sharing the memories past and future
Gone in an instant
With no warning.
Time has passed since you left me behind
But memories of happy times together,
Happy thoughts and silly stunts are what remain,
Not just anguish and pain
You were and will always be
A son, a friend, and
Most of all a big part of me.
You know I speak to you daily
Although it’s not the same.
I miss your smile, Your laugh,
you’re smart remarks
And anecdotes
One day I know we’ll meet again,
but until then I miss you son,
More than you’ll ever know.
Last but not least I miss the messages
Left On my phone,
“Has anyone told you they loved you today Dad? I do, I do.”

~ Brian Asci

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  1. That is beautiful and straight from your heart! Thank you for sharing. ~D