Monday, September 26, 2011

I'll Sing to You in Heaven

I found this when I was cleaning out a desk drawer in my office. It's always a good idea to clean.

I'll Sing to You in Heaven
Written 8/14/2004

When the dragonfly meets
with the enchanting moon
on spun threads of gold
under willow limbs
and memories
of laughter and sorrow,
crickets and frogs play.
Yet I can only recall
the four years of you
as a little boy
holding my hand ---
there is no picture
of what you are now.

Autumn leaves tapering,
silent frost,
spring to thaw wounds---
where have the years gone
on this summer eve in August
when you would be twelve?
I blow kisses to the stars
in hopes you feel the love
for you is just as vast
as when you were here
waiting to blow out the candles,
before I had to sing to you
in Heaven.

~ Alice J. Wisler


  1. Beautiful... tender... Thank you Alice for sharing this poem. I too lost one of my children, my daughter... 8 years ago. Like you I find hope, healing and comfort in writing. I am still seeking God's guidance on what He wants me to do with it... but believe in its power... The Willow is a special tree in our lives too, as our daughter is buried beneath the branches of one and we put one in our backyard as a symbol and connection to her... I often sit under it too in our swing and read, write and pray... we planted a garden underneath it too, in her honor. It's a sacred place for sure... God Bless you on your journey... till heaven...