Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What's Love Got to do With it? Valentine's and Journaling

My oldest was talking about her new position at work and how much it takes out of her. This morning she said to me before heading to her job, "I didn't really want to, and for some reason, I put it off, but when I did write in my journal last night, it helped so much. It was freeing."


All that chaos in our brains----from work, or grief, or just from the daily situations life hands us-----can make us worry, doubt, and become even fearful. Yet, unleashing it onto a blank page is liberating! We don't have to carry the load alone in our hearts. When we put pen to paper, it's like sharing problems with a trusted friend. The page carries the weight of our emotions for us. We've literally, taken it off our chests.

It's almost Valentine's Day, the day set aside to show love. Show yourself some love by giving your heart needed attention----write!

Writing is healthy, inexpensive, stress-reducing, and can be done just about anywhere.

And yes, it is freeing!

Make writing a way of life. Start with just five minutes. You might be surprised all that you have stored inside your heart that needs to come out.

Keep in mind:
* Freely write, no censoring allowed!
* Writing to music helps many write more honestly
* Don't worry about messy handwriting or spelling--this is for your eyes only
* You don't have to share with anyone
* Writing about real issues has been proven in a study (by Professor James Pennabaker) to lower blood pressure and heart rates
* After some time, you can develop a healthy habit of journaling

"Pick up your pen and see how grateful your heart will become." ~ Alice J. Wisler

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