Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Guest Post: Anne Payne

I asked my friend, Anne Payne, if I could share her poem on my blog today.  So glad she said I could.  Here is a guest post from her, including her beautiful flower photo.


Today, May 13th, marks the third anniversary of my oldest daughter, my firstborn, being ushered into her eternal home. I wrote this poem during the Writing the Heartache grief workshop by author Alice Wisler, a grieving mom herself. Writing has been instrumental in the grief process and I haven't shared much of it, but today I wanted to share this poem. Amy had delicate hands and she loved to have them held. And I loved to hold them. I miss that. I miss her.


tiny and weak

your newborn hands,

cradled protectively

within my own,

sweet kisses from my lips

cover them in prayer.

slender and cool

your delicate hands,

entwined  gently

within my own,

hot tears and desperate kisses

blanket them in prayer.

warm and strong

your beautiful hands,

reaching out

enfolded safely,

for all eternity

held by Another.

creased and worn,

my cold hands

rest empty,

wet with tears


silent prayers.

 By Anne Payne
April 24th 2013


  1. Thank you, Alice, for sharing my blog post. And for all you do to help those who are grieving. In Him, Anne

  2. Thank you, Anne, for sharing your heartfelt poem with us.

  3. wonderful writing. missing our children.

  4. What a beautiful, poignant poem - hope many are blessed by it!

  5. Thanks for visiting the blog and commenting!