Sunday, May 16, 2010

A little about why it works

I've been writing my pain out in one form or another for thirteen years now. I have journals, spiral notebooks, and computer files to prove my heart brokenness. In addition to writing, I've taught, shared, gone on retreats, led seminars and workshops. I've told women and men across the country that writing is an essential tool for healing as I've encouraged grievers to put pen to paper.

It works. And I continue to be amazed that a narrow pen and skinny notebook can serve as therapist, instructor, and healer. When we write from our pain due to loss, we release the bottled-up agony and let it loose on the pages. And what we learn is that the emotions are no longer loose, wandering about, uncontained. For once we spill them onto the page, they become clearer, believable, and we even gain understanding of why we feel like we do.

Writing from our heart's deep core is some of the best therapy there is.

It sounds simple, almost too simple. But I am one of its most avid advocates. As Alice Walker once said, "Writing saved me."

I want others to experience the benefits writing gives us---a gift, ready to be untied. And like many gifts, when you use it, it not only blesses you, but has the potential to be a blessing to others.

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