Wednesday, June 9, 2010

And I got to talk about Daniel . . .

Yesterday, I was a guest on Lucy's show and it was an honor! I was able to talk about my son, Daniel---his life and death. You can listen today for a chance to
get two of my books for free.

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  1. Alice,
    I listened to the radio interview today.
    It was nice to put a voice with your face and encouraging nature.
    Hearing Daniel's story I learned of not only his struggles but your's and your families as well.
    It is amazing to hear your testimony with what you dealt with emotionally and as a christian mom.
    Something you taught me in the grief workshop and I heard from you today is that every emotion and feeling that occurs after the death of a child is okay.
    It is natural to question God. To have struggles with the why's. God understands our anger, doubt and questions. He is patient with us. And forgiving.

  2. Thanks, Bev! Thanks for listening to the interview.