Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Parents want their child to be remembered

Don't be afraid to ask a bereaved mother about her child . . .

When You Ask....

When you ask about him

leave your fears at the door

Your questions open each window

watch the sunlight stream in

I see his infectious grin

the soft hand inside mine

Come, sit, let me tell you

these times are too rare

When you ask about him

you release permission

And I need this sunshine

like daily bread

I can warm these rooms

with the life-giving memories

When you ask about him

you bring the flowers that never die.

~ Alice J. Wisler


  1. This is spoken from the heart. I am a pediatric critical care nurse and my passion is for parents and children who deal with chronic and terminal illnesses. I love your poem, and I agree that it is more important to ask then to ignore.

  2. Thanks, Terri!

    I appreciate the work you do. Thanks for reading this poem.

    ~ Alice