Sunday, June 12, 2011

Write for your health!


We are rounding up the last lesson for my five-week online Writing the Heartache Workshop. I am amazed by the wonderful poems, essays, and letters the attendees have written during this course. I love the accounts of how writing has helped people better cope with life's challenges and traumas.

Writing brings clarity to our minds and freedom as well. Releasing our pent-up feelings onto paper is therapeutic. Somehow when we can freely express ourselves, our problems don't loom as frightening.

The next Writing the Heartache Workshop will be offered online in July. I hope you will join us July 18th through August 19th for a course that offers lessons to help you express your grief. If you are going through sorrow due to the death of a loved one, frustration from a broken relationship, or anguish over the loss of a dream, finances, or career, consider this course. Each week I send out a new lesson to your in-box and all week you can ponder on it and then complete the assignment and send it back to me. This course is open to all.

Come write for your health!

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